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 United Lending Services Co helps people with bad credit to get loans.

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Each year we help thousands of people to get approved for loans, even with bad credit. We will help get you a loan and we stand by that guarantee.

Up To $20,000. Bad Credit OK. No Credit Check!
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    We're virtually one of the only online loan matching services which does not match you with payday loans. We locate traditional lenders including private banks, specialty lenders and finance companies.

    We can also match you to home equity loans, automotive loans and others; all while avoiding payday loans that carry huge interest rates.

    There is no other service who offers what we can!
  • Lowest Interest Rates
  • Fast Application with Instant Results
  • U.S. Based Company, Lenders & Staff
  • All Personal Information is highly secured and encrypted.
  • We NEVER ask for bank account or routing information.
  • The best option for those with credit problems.

ULSC Tips: Please read our consumer safety advisory.

  • Stay away from Payday Loans when possible, they carry very high interest rates that are extremely difficult to pay off.
  • Stay away from ANY lender who promises to give you a loan but first requires a fee of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Usually they charge $500-$2500 in fees, India based and even provide false documents using real bank names.

ULSC is proud to help in the fight against predatory lending and advance fee loan scams! We work hard to protect you.

How ULSC is different:

We are not a lender or a payday related service. ULSC's application takes just 60 seconds to complete. If we can find lenders then we charge a small one-time fee of $34.95. It's simple and we maintain a high success rate for those with bad credit.

Why does ULSC charge a fee?

Because we are not a payday lender like most of those on the web, our only source of revenue is the small fee we charge. Our process is not bias thus giving consumers access to traditional lenders and specialty financing lenders that would otherwise be hard to find. We operate own internal database of lenders and our proprietary matching engine can quickly find the right lenders for you. ULSC's staff of lender researchers has spent thousands of hours to find lenders and update them constantly.

If ULSC can find you lenders and you paid our referral fee ($34.95), you have access to updates too. It's a single fee but you get lifetime access to our data being added everyday.

In fact, ULSC offers information too on how to access your credit score at absolutely no cost. The credit bureaus are required by law to provide one free report every year.

Don't give up; we're your best chance and likely can help you. We have helped thousands of people with some of the lowest credit scores. If lenders are located for you, you're guaranteed by ULSC to get a loan or our fee is 100% refundable. See Terms of Service for our full policy.

Personal Information & Data Security

ULSC WILL NEVER SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO 3RD PARTIES. We are big on privacy and will never give or sell your information. Our databases are secure, our servers are secure and we have invested large budgets to assure that your information is never compromised.

USSC's operates it's own servers and network equipment. Our IS staff is constantly watching our firewalls and react in the event of a potential security threat. Furthermore, ULSC does not store card holder information and all personal information is even encrypted within our database.

Beware of other companies trying to use our name or web site. If the web address is not or AND does not display the XIIO Trust Site Seal (shown on the right), do not do business with them. You can click the seal above to verify.

ULSC donates a portion of all profits to animal and wildlife rescue groups throughout the United States. [Read More Here..]

We look forward to helping you, Apply Fast & Free!

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ULSC Supports Animal Rescue. Read

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